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BEAR BAIT: 10-5 gallon pails of marshmallow topping,  this is some great stuff, comes with a free t-shirt, regularly $159.99, sale $129.99

Mar 25, 2020

Topping Pallet

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: Topping Pallet  5 -5 gallon pails of marshmallow topping, 2-20# pails of cream cheese filling, 2-24# pails of donut icing, 2-8# pails of strawberry glaze, and 1-28# box of peach pie filling with 4-7# pails, and a free t-shirt, if bought seaprately over $120.00 now $99.99,  

Feb 6, 2020


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  Caramel, that sweet topping that the bears always love, comes in 18# pails. 2/$15.49 906 FRIENDLY

Jan 23, 2020

Strawberry Glaze

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  8# Pails of this strong smelling, strawberry glaze, very workable 4/$15.99 906 FRIENDLY

Jan 23, 2020

Chocolate Hazelnut

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  14# Pail of this great topping, chocolate hazelnut,  bear love this combination of flavors, 2/$11.99, 

Jan 23, 2020

Strawberry Filling

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: 35# Pail of real strawberry filling, with strawberry pieces in it.   $16.99, 906 FRIENDLY

Jan 23, 2020

Donut Glaze

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  24# Pails of pourable, vanilla flavored, sweet topping. Great for those that like to coat their bait 2/$16.99 906 FRIENDLY

BEAR BAIT: 20# Pails of high fat, workable, cream cheese filling,  great bait to use all season 2/15.99, 906 FRIENDLY

BEAR BAIT: Marshmallow fluff topping, in 5 gallon pails, this is some great topping, nice and sweet, workable, not thin, what could be better then pouring marshmallow topping on your bait  $15.99, 906 FRIENDLY

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We have a large selection of quality bear bait,at the best prices, that has been tested by real bear hunters in the U.S. and Canada. We also sell the complete line of Big Bear Scents attractants. We strive to have the highest quality bait and a reasonable price, and have staff that is knowledgeable in bear hunting/baiting. 

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